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First Time 
Buyer Mortgages 
Buy to Let 
Cabin Crew, Pilot & Aircrew 
Home Mover 
Limited Company & SPV Mortgages 
Recently returned to UK mortgages 
Self Employed 
Healthcare Professional, Doctor & Nurse Mortgages 
Further Advances, Second Charge & Equity Transfer 
Portfolio Landlord 
Complex and Multi Income Mortgages 
Interest Only or Part Repayment Mortgages 
HMO and Freehold Multi Unit Block Mortgages 
Joint Borrower Sole Proprietor Mortgage 
Variable, tracker, discounted and capped mortgages can also be arranged, and we can discuss all of these options with you. 
We work with a wide range of related professionals and would be happy to put you in touch with our specialist solicitors and providers of bridging finance, development finance, retirement interest only, equity release and later life mortgages. 
We can advise you with no obligation how much you can likely borrow, how much deposit you might need, what the maximum loan to value (LTV) available is and what your options are. We can also advise on suitable mortgages if you have adverse credit. 

First Time Buyer 

We can help you take that first important step onto the ladder, speaking to lenders to see how much you can borrow. 

Home Mover 

We can help you find the most suitable mortgage deal, with excellent rates available. If time is of the essence we can use lenders with faster turnaround times to ensure you don’t miss out on your dream property. 
We can even help you port (transfer) your existing mortgage to a new property, which may reduce any early repayment charges (ERC’s) if you are currently on a fixed rate but still want to move house. 

Self Employed & Directors 

Obtaining a mortgage as self employed, a sole trader, or a Director can be complex, but we have access to lenders who can arrange excellent terms and rates for you. 
Contact us today and we can discuss these lending options with you. 


Looking to stay put, existing deal coming to an end, don’t want to end up paying over the top on the standard variable rate? 
We can source the most suitable remortgage interest rates for you to keep your payments as low as possible 

Repayment Mortgage 

The favoured type of mortgage vehicle, this repays your borrowing over the term to ensure it is completely paid off. 

Interest Only Mortgage 

Under this mortgage type you only pay the interest. 
It keeps your monthly mortgage cost down, but you must factor in contributions to another suitable repayment vehicle to repay the borrowing at the end of the term. Common repayment vehicles are ISA’s or Pensions. 

Part Repayment / Part Interest Only 

This is a combination or repayment and interest only mortgages, and we can discuss this option with you. 

Buy to Let 

Want to remortgage or acquire a property to let out? We can help find you the most suitable mortgage products to help you finance your portfolio. 

Limited Company (Ltd Co.) 

Becoming more common after recent tax changes, if you want to remortgage or acquire a new property within a limited company structure (also called Special Purpose Vehicle - SPV) we have access to many lenders offering limited company mortgages at competitive rates. 

Professional Mortgages 

If you are a newly qualified professional in a number of careers including (but not limited to) Accountancy, Law, Dentistry, Medicine, Engineering, Aviation we have a number of lenders that can offer enhanced lending at competitive rates. Speak to us today for more information on the preferential options available to you. 

Contractor Mortgages 

As a contractor we know you work differently and more independently. We work with a number of banks and lenders who can provide mortgages at competitive loan to income levels to support all your refinancing and purchase requirements. Speak to us today to find out more. 

Portfolio Landlord Mortgages 

We understand the intricacies of obtaining finance with several properties in the background, so we are well placed to advise on your options and which lenders are best placed to provide competitive products for portfolio landlords. 

HMO Mortgages 

HMO’s are a specialist niche area of investment, requiring specialist lending options. We use a number of lenders specialising in this area who can offer products from small HMO’s right up to large complex units. 

Cabin Crew, Pilot & Aircrew Mortgages 

With direct previous experience as aircrew, we understand the complexities of your payslips and the various elements that make this up. Not all lenders will take into account all allowances, but we have relationships with a number of lenders who are more flexible and can accommodate your specific circumstances. 

Healthcare Professionals, Doctors & Nurses Mortgages 

As a healthcare professional and key worker, lenders recognise the contribution you make and the complexities of your pay. A number of banks offer bespoke products designed to meet your needs. 

Recently returned to UK 

If you’ve previously been based overseas, and now having returned to the UK you are looking for a mortgage, we can help. Often you only need to have been back in the UK for 1 month, so speak to us today to find out more. 

Further Advances 

If you’re looking to raise additional funds for any reason, we can discuss your options with you and the best products to suit your requirements. 

Complex & Multi Income 

We work with many clients who have complex or multiple sources of income, who we are able to place with lenders who offer a flexible approach to calculating affordability. 

Family Assistance & Guarantor Mortgages 

Helping a family member onto the ladder, we can arrange suitable mortgages to help you achieve this. 
Contact us today for impartial advice 


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